4FJ is about empowering people to make a difference.

As part of that effort, we want you to have the information you need to take action. So we encourage you click through and Meet the Fish we are talking about helping increase the numbers.

Then we encourage you to dive deeper, and learn about the science of fish spawning aggregations (we promise it will be painless). The answer is important to why these fish are so vulnerable to overfishing.

Then perhaps most of all, we ask you to learn about how Fiji villages are fighting back by marrying their traditions with western science. There are also additional links on the right side to help you engage the Movement.

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The fish the 4FJ campaign is designed to boost are known locally as kawakawa and donu.
For locals, kawakawa and donu, which are all groupers, refer to more than these four fish detailed below. When in doubt, we advise to avoid any in the group June through September. But we are focusing in on the …

Grouper, know by many local names in Fiji, is a highly valuable fish to the nation’s economy.
It supports the livelihoods of Fiji’s coastal communities, who sell to both local and tourist markets, and it provides an attractive fish for restaurants and hotels to serve its guests. Groupers are also an important source of protein …